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RV Security Tips


As locksmiths, one of the areas in which we have seen a great increase of activity over recent years is RV security. With RVs being so popular more and more RV owners have been victims of break-ins and thefts and are looking for ways to make their RV more secure, both when they are out travelling and when it is parked between travels. We’ve decided to write a blog post with our RV security tips for motorhome owners.

Travelling across the country is always much more fun in an RV! You choose where you want to go and when. There’s nothing like that freedom. But, unfortunately, RVs are prime targets for break-ins. Most RVs come with flimsy locks and no security measures at all. We’ll discuss a few ways that you can make your RV more secure and less tempting to thieves.

Upgrade Your Locks!

It is really easy to enter an RV through the front door or even through the windows, therefore we suggest checking that your locks are in good working order at all times, have them repaired or replaced if they aren’t, and we suggest also installing extra locks on  your doors and your windows to keep criminals out. You might have heard that many RV manufacturers use the same locks for storage compartments, and some even on the doors, so you might want to change your locks to be sure that you have your own unique lock and key.

There are many different RV lock options now, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed consult with a locksmith who will explain the different options to you and can also help with any locks you need installed.

Tips For Preventing Break-Ins

Never leave your valuables in your RV.

Sometimes that is easier said than done, if you are travelling for a long time you will need to keep some of your valuables with you in your RV. Make sure that they are never on display if they are left in the RV while you aren’t there, especially things like personal papers, money and credit cards.

If you stop off to do errands, at the gas station, an ATM, post office or a supermarket make sure that your RV is parked in a lit spot, if possible with security cameras or security guards in the area. Make sure that the door and windows are well locked, even if you are just stopping for a short time because these are all prime break-in spots.

Be alert, keep an eye on your RV and make sure it is secure.

Always plan your campsite stops at reputable RV parks. You will meet lots of people on your travels, listen to what they have to say about the places they’ve stayed and used the RV parks that come recommended. It’s also good to look at the RV parks up online and read the reviews that other RVers have left about the park, its amenities and security.

It’s a good idea to install an alarm in your RV to prevent break-ins and theft.

Tips For Preventing Theft Of Your RV

You can’t always be in your motorhome, which is why it is best to take measures to keep it safe from RV theft.

If you’ve parked your RV (whether you are at a campground or at home) and you aren’t around you may want to use a wheel clamp to lock a wheel in place and ensure that thieves won’t be able to move the RV.  Another option is to purchase a steering wheel lock or gear lock which will also do the job of preventing the RV from budging.

It is also a good idea to have a tracking device installed in your RV, so if thieves do manage to get in and drive it away, the police will be able to track it and find them.

When your RV is not in use make sure it is parked in the most secure area you can leave it in. If you park it on your own property have a security camera installed over it. It is also a good idea to park it in an area that can be locked in, preferably with a security guard.