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Master Key System Installation

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ADI Lock & Key, a fully licensed local locksmith services company, cooperates with an independent affiliate network of expert locksmith technicians who provide a wide range of locksmith solutions to residential and commercial customers, as well as auto locksmith services. We are available around the clock and offer premium emergency locksmith services, such as auto and home lockout solutions. The technicians we work with provide top quality solutions at highly affordable prices.

Our technicians will inspect your site and then together with the owner will design the ideal system for your needs. Then, we will install a master key system for you.

Do I Need A Master Key System?

In today’s technological age where everything comes to us immediately and so easily we should be able to streamline every aspect of our lives, even those that are not high-tech. One way to make life easier for business owners, and sometimes even homeowners, is by installing a master key system in their buildings.

A master key system is a group of locks that each have their own individual key but can also all be opened by one special key, the ‘master key’. Having a master key system has proven very beneficial for many of our customers who work in or own buildings with many rooms or offices, such as office buildings, clinics and hospitals, schools, public institutions, factories, etc.

Instead of having separate keys for every door of the building now you can have one master key which will open all the different doors. No more walking around with huge bunches of keys, finding a place to keep them all, and best of all, no more misplacing all your keys. Not only is this a convenient solution but it also provides your building with a much higher level of security. Besides the convenience of physically not carrying around a huge bunch of keys, there is also another convenience factor, and that is that the building owner can customize the master key system to meet their needs.

ADI Lock & Key Commitment

The licensed lock and key experts we work with are on call around the clock to ensure that our customers have quick solutions to any locksmith related problem they run into. The team is made up of professionals who have all been trained and are familiar with advanced locksmith solutions.

They are pros when it comes to master key systems. They plan and execute the systems for our customers and they also maintain the systems and make all repairs necessary to locks and keys.

We are highly committed to customer satisfaction!

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Still not sure whether installing a master key system is the best choice for you? Give us a call and discuss it with one of our experts. You will be able to make a better decision once you have answers to all your questions.