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Tips to Increase Home Security for Homeowners in Sacramento, CA

There are many ways to increase home security for homeowners in the Sacramento area. They could either apply to for when a house is left uninhabited during the day (as when all residents have to go to work or school) or when left for long periods of time, as is often the case when homeowners leave town for a business trip or vacation.

The following are just the easiest ways to increase home security and avoid unwanted break-ins and robberies.

  1. Lock external doors and windows – This probably goes without saying, but most residents leave doors and windows unlocked, thinking it’s safe to do so when they’ll only be gone during the day and will come home at night. But sometimes, robbers take advantage of unattended homes with unlocked doors and windows and stage a robbery even during the day. Make sure that all points of entry are secure before leaving the house.
  2. Never leave a key under the doormat – The only instance where it is safe to leave a key under the doormat is in the movies. In real life, this is a surefire way of attracting the neighbourhood robber to take a chance on your house! Keys under doormats are like “welcome signs” or open invitations to robbers to enter a house without breaking and entering.
  3. Ask a friend or neighbour to watch over the house while you’re away – If you’re going to be away for a business trip or vacation, ask a friend or neighbour, or better yet pay a house sitter, to watch over your house. That way any robbers will be deterred from staging a robbery, knowing that someone will be coming in to check on the house every few days or so.
  4. Have external lights installed in the garden or front stoop – External solar lamps that can be erected in the garden or placed on the front stoop above the front door are good ways of ensuring good lighting around the vicinity of the house all night and will discourage robbers from breaking and entering. Often, these solar-powered lights are motion-sensitive, and will light up the moment activity is detected near any external part of the house. Solar lamps also help save electricity.
  5. Get a guard dog or give the impression that you own a guard dog – Getting a guard dog for an extra layer of protection is also a good way of discouraging robbers from breaking and entering your house, as guard dogs make entry and exit difficult and being undetected, impossible. If you’re not a dog person, you can also make it appear to outside observers that you have a guard dog (even if you don’t) by erecting a “Beware of dog” sign.

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