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Door Lock Repair Specialists

A.D.I. Lock & Key are the go-to people for all your locksmith solutions. The company’s expert locksmiths specialize in a wide range of locksmith services, which they provide with a focus on customer satisfaction.

A.D.I. Lock & Key is a licensed locksmith services provider and also considers itself an emergency service provider and as such has a team on call around the clock to assist customers who have found themselves in need of urgent locksmith services. The company guarantees fast response times in the area.

We aim to provide our customers with affordable, high-quality service.  Our locksmiths work every day of the year so we are here for you whether you need us to assist you in your home, your place of work or even with your car.

When Do I Need Door Lock Repair Service?

There are several problems that might occur with your home or business door locks that can be solved by having the lock repaired and do not call for lock replacement. Our locksmiths will always try to repair a lock, wherever possible, rather than install a new lock.

You may be having one of these problems with your locks and we can help!

Doorknobs – these often become loose rendering the lock inoperable. Our locksmiths will secure the doorknob enabling you to use the lock.

The broken key inside the lock – another common problem is that keys tend to break inside the lock where they get stuck. In this case, our locksmith will carefully extract the broken part from the lock, taking care not to damage the lock. We will then cut a new key for you on the spot.

The door latch is not aligned – we also see latches that are out of alignment. Our locksmiths will determine the best way to deal with this problem once they see the door. Usually, they will need to adjust the latch in order to get it back to proper working order.

Our locksmiths repair all the following types of locks:

  • House door locks
  • office door locks
  • industrial door locks
  • Commercial door lock repairs
  • Garage locks
  • Fire exit door lock repairs
  • Shop door locks
  • Shop gate locks
  • And more

A.D.I. Lock & Key’s Team Of Locksmith Technicians

At A.D.I. Lock & Key our technicians all have a vast knowledge of the locksmith industry. Our team has been trained and are qualified to work in Sacramento and Roseville. Whatever your problem our team will solve it for you. They will arrive in an A.D.I. Lock & Key van that is fully equipped with the tools they need to help you.

Our Main Services:

ADI Lock and Key’s team are experts in solving all of these and more:

  • Home lockouts
  • Car lockouts
  • Deadbolt installations
  • Car key services
  • Smart key duplication
  • Opening and changing locks
  • Lock & key installation and maintenance
  • Spare key services